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Welcome to Merida Farms

Merida farms greenhouse has been employing advanced hydroponic technology. The produce grows over coconut bedding hung above the soil - completely isolated from ground. This allows us to use far less chemical based pesticides. We use advanced biological/organic methods - which in turn makes our ...


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Grape TOV
Grape TOV

Red and Yellow grape tomato on the vine...100% ripen on the vine...very sweet. 10 oz clamshell and 10 clamshells in a case - 100 cases on a pallet. Our season starts on mid Sep.

Long Finger Hot Pepper
Long Finger Hot Pepper

Finger Hot Pepper - red or green. Very hot pepper. We grow only in the winter time.

Mini Seedless Cucumber
Mini Seedless Cucumber

Mini Seedless cucmber also known as Persian cucumber. Sweet and crunchy.

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