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    Columbine - Origami Mix

    Aquilegia x hybrida 14 to 16 inches. This uniform mixture is ideal for 4 inch pot or quart production. Vivid colors include a solid yellow and solid white with four bicolors; blue and white...

    Echinacea - PowWow Wild Berry

    Echinacea purpurea 24 inches. Perennial. AAS Winner for 2010. Deep rose-purple flowers grow 3 to 4 inches wide and retain their color for quite some time. This variety will bloom contin...

    Echinacea - Cheyenne Spirit

    2013 AAS Winner . An incredible range of colors is what sets this new Echinacea apart. Flowering the first year these plants plants grow 18-24 inches tall the first year – taller the ...

    Malva - Moschata Choice

    Malva moschata 36 inches. Flowers are similar in shape to cosmos borne on upper leaf axils in clusters. Deeply cut and lacy foliage.

    Lavender - Mini Blue

    10 to 12 inches. Very showey L. angustifolia for overwintered production, these compact, well-branched plants don’t need trimming, ship well and won’t lodge open in the garden. Hi...

    Scabiosa - Diamonds Series, Pink

    Scabiosa japonica alba The most uniform variety to date - also the most compact in habit. 10 inch plants are basal branched with dense dark green foliage. Many flowers are born on sturdy st...

    Scabiosa- Blue Note

    Scabiosa columbaria 8-10 inch height. Full sun. Compact, uniform large blooms. Blooms from early spring to fall. Attracts butterflies, great for borders.

    Rudbeckia - Cherry Brandy

    Rudbeckia hirta 20 inches. A dazzling show of 3" blooms in shades of cherry red. Prolific bloomer all summer to early fall. Works well as bedding plant or as a potted plant. Prefers to...

    Coreopsis - Rising Sun

    Coreopsis grandiflora 36 inches. Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner. New naturally compact coreopsis will flower earlier after overwintering than other strains. Bright yellow, semi-double flowe...

    Veronica - Blue Bouquet

    Veronica spicata 12 to 15 inches. Easy to grow perennial; will flower the first year. Beautiful tapered blue spikes covered with numerous small florets. Deep flossy green foliage.

    Poppy, Oriental - Allegro

    Papaver orientale Allegro forms dwarf (16 - 24 inch) plants that produce a profusion of scarlet blossoms with dark eyes.

    Malva - Mystic Merlin

    Malva sylvestris 5 feet. Open flower shades from rich purple through highly unusual and illusive blue on 23 inch stems. Blooms second season from May sowing. Charming and dramatic.

    Lavender - Grimes Garden Leader

    Lavandula angustifolia 18 to 22 inches. Easy for the home gardener or landscaper to grow and enjoy. Full sun plant blooms

    Columbine - Colorado Blue

    Aquilegia caerulia Colorado Blue Columbine grows 8 to 24 inches. 1 to 3 inch broad flowers with sepals varying from white to deep blue and petals from white to cream. Distinct "colum...

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