Mountain Valley Seed Company

    Onion - White Sweet Spanish

    120 days. Intermediate day type. Large bulbs have a glistening white skin and mild sweet flesh. Modest keeper. Approx. 8,000 seeds/oz.

    Leek - Large American Flag

    130 days. Mild, sweet, onion-like flavor. Very hardy, will overwinter in milder climates. The 7 to 9 inch stems blanch snowy white and are topped with blue-green leaves resemble giant scallion...

    Onion, Bunching - Tokyo Long White

    65-100 days. Slightly pungent, long white shanks with stiff blue-green tops. Resistant to hot weather and also fairly cold tolerant, but not recommended for over-wintering. Good Pink Root tole...

    Onion - Candy Hybrid

    85 days. Here is a day-neutral onion that can be successfully grown in the North or South, and basically anywhere in the country. It has a sensational mild and sweet flavor that tastes lik...

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