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    Watermelon - Sugar Baby

    75 days. Popular and early "Icebox" variety. Round, 8 inch, 8 to 12 pound melons have medium red, fine-textured flesh and thin, hard rind. Drought resistant. Approx. 610 seeds/oz.

    Watermelon - Yellow Doll Hybrid (treated)

    70 days. Semi-compact vine produces 5 to 8 pound, green striped melons with bright yellow, extra sweet, small seeded interiors. Early maturing. Approx. 1,000 seeds/oz.

    Watermelon - Striped Klondike Blue Ribbon

    90 days. 25 pound melon. Flesh is sweet, deep-red, and crisp. Rind is tough and striped light and dark green. Good local shipper. Resistant to Fusarium 1. Approx. 490 seeds/oz.

    Watermelon - Crimson Sweet

    85 days. AAS Winner. Recommended by USU. Striped, nearly round, 15 to 25 pound melon with very sweet, crisp, crimson flesh and small seeds. Vines 6 to 10 feet. Hard rind stands up to shipp...

    Melon, Crenshaw - Burpees Early Hybrid

    90 days. Earliest harvesting Crenshaw we know of. Vigorous vines produce 14 pound fruits ripening to a yellow-green outside with salmon pink flesh. Delicate sweet flavor. Well suited to Utah&#...

    Melon, Casaba - Golden Beauty

    100 days. 6 inch golden colored fruits weigh 7 to 8 pounds. Flesh is white and sweet. An excellent source of vitamin C. Ships well. Approx. 1,000 seeds/oz.

    Melon, Cantaloupe - Hales Best Jumbo

    85 days. Yielding large, oval, ribbed fruits weighing up to 5 to 6 pounds, this cantaloupe is a traditional favorite. With heavy netting and fine textured, bright orange flesh, it holds a swee...

    Melon, Cantaloupe - Ball 2076 Hybrid

    84 days. The improved version of Ball 1776. Ball Seed considers this their best tasting melon. Very sweet. Heavily netted. Good performer in all areas.

    Melon, Cantaloupe - Athena Hybrid

    75 days. Athena is an early-maturing eastern melon in a class of its own, asked for by name from gardeners to growers. Athena has consistently delivered at the top for flesh color, flavor, aro...

    Melon, Canary - Amy Hybrid

    70 to 80 days. AAS Selection for 2004. This new hybrid produces eye-catching, bright golden yellow melons without netting or sutures. The radiant color indicates when the melon is ready for ha...

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