Mountain Valley Seed Company

    Lettuce, Gourmet Mix (organic)

    35 to 70 days. A mixture of favorite lettuce varieties from across the spectrum of lettuce types. Plant heavy and start harvest early for baby greens then allow some to grow on for plenty ...

    Lettuce, Butterhead - Buttercrunch

    65 days. AAS Winner. Recommended by USU. The most popular of the butterhead types. Compact, loose head with smooth, soft, tender leaves. Slow to bolt. Excellent flavor and texture. Approx. 16...

    Lettuce, Leaf - Lolla Rossa

    55 days. One of the most deeply curled of loose leaf lettuces. Beautiful magenta leaves with light-green base. Mild flavor, cut and come again, sow spring or fall. Approx. 16,000 seeds/oz.

    Lettuce, Romaine - Parris Island Cos

    80 days. Large, upright, full-bodied heads with dark-green, slightly savoyed leaves that are mild and sweet. Plant reaches about 10 inches tall. Midribs are crunchy and juicy. Because of their...

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