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    Dianthus - Super Parfait Series

    Dianthus chinensis 8 to 10 inches. This vigorous series is a super large-flowered replacement for 'Parfait'. Blooms are up to 50% larger withe the same consistent eyed pattern for b...

    Corn Poppy - American Legion

    Papaver rhoeas 12 to 18 inches. Flanders Poppy. Common red poppy with black center. It has become associated with wartime remembrance in Commonwealth countries.

    Begonia, Tuberous - Pin-Up Flame (pelleted)

    Begonia x tuberhybrida 10 to 12 inches. AAS Winner and Fleuroselect Quality Mark Winner for 1999. Unique large, single, yellow flower with orange shades and red highlights. Blooms can be 2 ...

    California Bluebells

    Phacelia campanularia 12-24 inches. Drought tolerant, full sun plant producing striking blue bell-shaped flowers mainly in the spring and summer. Popular and easy to grow.

    Aster - Powderpuff Mix

    Callistephus chinensis 2 ft. Upright plant bearing 3 inch double flower on long stems. Good range of colors. Wilt resistant. Approximately 1,400 seeds/oz.

    Aster - Pot 'N Patio Mix

    Callistephus chinensis 6 inches. This 90-day series produces 3 inch flowers on dwarf plants without supplemental lighting. Approximately 12,000 seeds/oz.

    Ageratum - Blue Horizon

    Ageratum houstonianum 30 inches. Tall growing with strong, sturdy stems and numerous branches. Large blue flowers can be cut continuously.

    Ageratum - Blue Danube

    Ageratum houstonianum 7 inches. Best for overall garden quality. Holds its rich blue color and is uniform and self cleaning. Approximately 200,000 seeds/oz.

    Viola - Prince Henry (Blue Elf)

    Viola tricolor Violet blue with yellow eye. Dwarf and compact.

    Sunflower - Pro Cut Series

    Helianthus annuus Bred especially for the cut flower market, this day length neutral variety makes a fine addition to the garden as well. Each bright, 3 to 4 inch flower features a dark, po...

    Celosia, Plumed - New Look

    Celosia plumosa 14 to 16 inches. Scarlet plumes and bronze foliage cover basal-branching plants ideal for landscaping. Approximately 39,000 seeds/oz.

    Gloxinia - Avanti Mix

    Sinningia speciosa 8 inches. Early-flowering, compact plants, each with 10 to 15 bell-shaped flowers. The most uniform series available. Flexible leaves are safe for shipping.

    Sunflower - Teddy Bear

    Size: Helianthus annuus 16 inches. A short, branching sunflower with large 3 to 5 inch double flowers of golden yellow. Fluffy double flowers good for cutting or makes a eye...

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