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    Tomato - Thessaloniki

    68 days. Developed in Greece, this heirloom tomato produces nice uniform, baseball-sized fruits. Thessaloniki is resistant to sunburn, cracks and spots. Perfect blossom ends resemble those of g...

    Tomato - Yellow Pear

    70 days. Clusters of small, pear-shaped, yellow tomatoes. Mild-flavored, they are good in salads, preserves or for pickling. Indeterminate. Approx. 10,000 seeds/oz. heirloom, indetermin...

    Tomato - Super Fantastic Hybrid

    70 days. Indeterminate vine produces solid, smooth and meaty fruits averaging 10 ounces. Excellent yields over a long season. VFN. Approx. 8,200 seeds/oz. hybrid, indeterminate

    Tomato - Sunsugar Hybrid

    62 days. This orange cherry tomato may be the sweetest tomato available. It won 'Best Flavor' in our cherry tomato taste tests. Not only is sunsugar incredibly sweet but it is nutritiou...

    Tomato - Patio Hybrid

    70 days. Excellent for containers and small gardens, Patio produces 3 to 4 ounce fruit on compact determinate plants. Approx. 9,800 seeds/oz.

    Tomato - Jet Star Hybrid

    72 days. Sturdy, compact, indeterminate vine produces loads of fine quality medium to large tomatoes. Bright red fruits are low acid, quite free from cracks and scars. They are firm and hold u...

    Tomato - Early Girl Hybrid

    60 days. Very flavorful, 4 to 5 ounce, globe to slightly flattened fruits are produced heavily and continuously throughout the season. Indeterminate. V. Approx. 9,500 seeds/oz.

    Tomato - Celebrity Hybrid

    72 days. AAS Winner. Recommended by USU. Medium large, firm, deep-globe shaped fruits are heavily produced on a compact determinate plant. Well suited to Utah's climatic conditions. V, F1&a...

    Tomato - Garden Peach

    67-80 days. Slightly flattened, fuzzy fruit with a yellow-pink blush, and a mild flavor. Indeterminate vine produce small fruits that are good keepers, in fact, they improve with storage. A...

    Tomato - Hamson (DX-52-12)

    70 days. This popular local favorite has been down for reproduction but is now back in stock. Large, smooth, deep red fruits on semi-determinate vines with good foliage cover. Solid interior w...

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