Mountain Valley Seed Company

    Pea, Snow - Mammoth Melting Sugar Pod

    68 days. Vines are 4 ½ feet tall, bearing continuous yields of thick, succulent, 4 to 5 inch pods. Needs support. Approx. 90 seeds/oz.

    Pea - Progress No. 9 (treated)

    62 days. Short vines produce large 4 ½ inch pods in abundance. Tender peas with delicious flavor. Approx. 90 seeds/oz.

    Pea - Perfection Dark Seeded

    67 days. Freezer type pea with concentrated pod set. Vines grow 30 inches tall and produce high yields of 3 inch pods with 7 to 8 peas each. Excellent canner, holds color during processing...

    Pea, Snap - Sugar Ann

    58 days. AAS Winner. This compact, 18 to 24 inch, disease resistant vine needs no trellising. It produces good yields of 2 ½ inch, light green pods earlier than any other snap pea. Appro...

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