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Light - Sun Blaze Series 
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Price Details 1 oz $4.63; 4 oz $9.25; 1 lb $23.00; 5 lbs $84.66; 25 lbs $378.00
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Posted On Nov 9, 2014
Posted By Mountain Valley Seed Company 
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Category (Industry) Tools & Equipment
Country United States
State Utah
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Sun Blaze Economy T5 high output indoor grow light is the economical choice in T5 light fixtures. This T5 fluorescent grow light includes solid state electronic ballasts and highly reflective aluminum reflectors. T5 light bulbs have a very low heat factor that allows the fixture to be hung in close proximity to the plant canopy which raises light levels. This T5 HO fluorescent grow light fixture comes with 6500k T5HO (blue)54W fluorescent bulbs 6500° K cool(for plant growth or seedlings). Purchase 3000° K bulbs (red) warm (for fruiting & flowering) separately. Includes 12 foot grounded power cord.