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3 inch Jiffy Pot 
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Price Details 1 oz $4.63; 4 oz $9.25; 1 lb $23.00; 5 lbs $84.66; 25 lbs $378.00
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Posted On Nov 9, 2014
Posted By Mountain Valley Seed Company 
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Category (Industry) Tools & Equipment
Country United States
State Utah
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This pot is what Jiffy lists as the 3” pot but we measure this pot at 3 inches tall and 3.25 inches across the square top. Each pot has a round center drain hole at the bottom of the pot. This pot is frequently called a Jiffy #230.

Jiffy pots are made using Canadian sphagnum peat moss mixed with wood pulp and a little lime to keep the PH in check. These pots are approved for organic production and are ideal for starting your plants indoor. These biodegradable pots can be planted which helps protect your tender plants root structure. Once in ground the pot will dissolve and the plants roots will expand into your planting bed. That said we like to get ours really wet before transplanting and break up the structure of the pot just a bit.

A case consists of 1,260 pots.