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Pumpkin - Cinderella (Rouge vif D'Estampes) 
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Price Details 1 lb $35.02; 4 oz $12.72; 1 oz $4.64
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Posted On Nov 9, 2014
Posted By Mountain Valley Seed Company 
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Category (Industry) Seeds
Country United States
State Utah
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95 to 150 days. Kids love this antique french heirloom pumpkin. Flatter than regular pumpkins and darker of color, this is the classic 'Cinderella's Coach' pumpkin. Red-orange fruits average 6 inches tall and 18 inches across with very deep sutures. Very decorative, but a little hard to carve because of the deep sutures. One of the best baking pumpkins, the sweet thick flesh has a better flavor than most carving types. It is reported as having been the variety the pilgrims cultivated and served at the second Thanksgiving dinner. Approx. 90 seeds/oz.