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Beet - Red Ace Hybrid 
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Price Details 1 oz $4.63; 4 oz $9.25; 1 lb $23.00; 5 lbs $84.66; 25 lbs $378.00
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Posted On Nov 8, 2014
Posted By Mountain Valley Seed Company 
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Category (Industry) Seeds
Country United States
State Utah
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53 days. Ready to harvest a week earlier than others. Sweet, juicy, uniform sizes are drought tolerant. More red pigment than other varieties. Ideal for slicing, pickling or freezing. Tops make delicious, tender greens. Yields heavily in climates that other varieties find stressful. Eat beet tops before any sign of wilting for maximum flavor. Vinegar pairs well with beets. In most cases the smaller the beet the sweeter the beet the larger the beet the more ‘earthy’ the beet will taste. Walnut oil pairs very well with warm beets. To minimize the beet color from excessive bleeding leave the stem plug in place and skin on while cooking. Approx. 1,380 seeds/oz.