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PRS Aqua Pad 13 cm 
Minimum product quantity --
Packaging boxed 5 pcs
Price Details --
Product Specification PRS Aqua pads
Product Number --
Place Manufactured --
Posted On Oct 24, 2012
Posted By B B Exportvof 
Payment Mode Paypal
Category (Industry) Other Products
Country Netherlands
State --
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The PRS pad consists of two layers of Hessian, with in between a layer of water absorbing gel, held in place by two layers of thin cardboard. The pad is placed at the bottom of the pot or container. The plant roots find their way to the gel that holds water and nutrients. Numerous trials have shown that plant roots develop better and faster due to the PRS system.

PRS pads are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Replacement is only necessary after four years or whenever the plant is put in a bigger plant pot. PRS pads do not harm the environment. All materials are natural and completely biodegradable.

PRS pads can be used in any form or type of pot or container. The best results will be obtained with a combination of PRS pads and PRS plant pots. However, to profit from the unique qualities of the gel it is not necessary to use PRS plant pots. So home growers can use the pads in the plant pots they already have in their houses.

PRS pads let plants profit optimally from water and nutrients. This results in better and healthier plants.