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Manggosteen Grind Crushed 
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Posted On Aug 10, 2012
Posted By KNK Bali Agroplasma 
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Category (Industry) Fruits
Country Indonesia
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Why can affect Pharmacological mangosteen peel for the body?

although there has been no specific research to clinical trials, but many effects are skin dihasilakan maggis is predicted because


based on the results of the Faculty of Pharmacy UGM research, mangosteen peel contains



The second compound has Cytotoxic activity by inhibiting proliferation (multiplication) of cancer cells, by activating the enzyme caspase 3 and 9 that triggers apoptosis or cancer cell suicide program. Actually the mangosteen peel contains 50 types of Xanthones which is a bioflavonoid compound yangbersifat antioxidant, antibacterial, allergy, antitumor and anti-inflammatory. Well now, the skin of the mangosteen have been widely prescribed by some herbal doctors in Indonesia.

How to dose it?

now been widely circulated processed mangosteen peel from juice, capsules and powders, .. even to vary the order not to get bored of refined, processed mangosteen peel may be prepared pudding.

Powder, preferably 1 teaspoon / day.

Capsules, 3x daily, 2 capsules each.

Juice, for consumption in the form of how the outer shell is then removed and then mashed fruit.

Pudding, mangosteen peel 2 per day.

Well from now on, if by chance Ayooo consuming mangosteen at home, do not be thrown away her skin, in addition to fresh fruit, if we can peel into juice or pudding is delicious, healthy but delicious too! ! !