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Posted On Aug 7, 2012
Posted By Zhangzhou Flower Expo Gardening Co., Ltd 
Payment Mode T/T, L/C, CASH
Category (Industry) Flowers & Plants
Country China
State Fujian
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Detailed Product Description:

The City Flower of Zhangzhou, with white flower and narrow leaf. The leaves is about 10-50cm long and 1.5-4cm wide. Generally, every bulb will bloom 1-7 flowers or even more than 10. The flowering period is 1-3 month. In China, it means miss and reunion.


Daffodils unlike other flowers, it has a quiet dedication and it is known as the “lvy Ling Po Fairy. ” It is one of the top ten flowers and wide spread in Fujian. Beautiful, green leaves, comely elegance, it become one of the world famous indoor flowers.