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Golden Ball Cactus(Echinocactus Grusonii) 
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Packaging carton
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Product Specification --
Product Number HBH-X01
Place Manufactured China
Posted On Aug 7, 2012
Posted By Zhangzhou Flower Expo Gardening Co., Ltd 
Payment Mode T/T, L/C, CASH
Category (Industry) Flowers & Plants
Country China
State Fujian
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Detailed Product Description

Heat-resistant, colorful, dryness-resistant, strong vitality

Its stem is round sphere while head is covered with golden linter. And has edges about 21-37, a big, densely, golden thorn, and then become brown, has radiation thorn of 8-10, 3 cm long.


This kind of plant vitality is strong, easy to plant, can be regarded as the little potted landscape in the room. Can put in front of the computer, absorb the radiation of the computer!

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