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Aerial roots Ficus ( 
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Posted On Aug 7, 2012
Posted By Zhangzhou Flower Expo Gardening Co., Ltd 
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Category (Industry) Flowers & Plants
Country China
State Fujian
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Detailed Product Description:

This is a kind of Qigen Ficus use the banyan as material, for the purpose of watching the banyan tree stumps and rhizome’s singular form, through the clip, prune, hang, graft, carefully nurtured, long-term control of its growth and development, to make it become a unique artistic S type potted landscape.


1. Ficus Microcarpa is an evergreen plant that is characterized by its unique style and strong regional character.

2. This Ficus Microcarpa is exotic and rewarding. It is ideally suited for outdoor and indoor bonsai.

3. This Ficus Microcarpa , the common name is like Ficus, Ficus Tree, Ficus Plant, Ficus Bonsai.

4、This Miniature Ficus is very popular now due to its beautiful model and posture, small and exquisite, cheap prices, long life, etc.


It can be used as a gift for friends and relatives, and definitely a good choice for outdoor landscaping.

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